Tips to Keeping Your Pet Flea Free

tips to keeping your pet flea free

If you have a pet, you probably adore the little guy or gal. He or she probably has an adorable name with a story behind it. Going home every evening after work is the best part of your day, as you get to see your pup excited to see you, wagging its tail. Or maybe it is the soft purr of your cat that gets to you.

For the basic reason that we adore our pets, most times, we ensure that they are well cared for. Their meals are nutritious, they get cleaned regularly, and they sleep well. However, keeping your pet flea-free is very vital in ensuring that he or she stays healthy.

How to ensure that your pet stays flea-free

a) Regular Check-Ups

Just like humans, pets require regular health check-ups. Ensure that your pet visits a qualified and attested veterinarian so that he or she can be checked up on. If you are within Miami or Florida, Paws and Claws Medical Center is a veterinary clinic where you can have your pet checked by qualified vets.

b) Limit Your Pets Exposure Outside

We love seeing our pups happy, and this is especially so when they are playing outside. However, dog parks, tall-grassed areas, and bushes are one of the most common areas that your pet can get fleas. Ensure that when playing outside, your pet is limited to a clean lawn that has been treated for fleas.

c) Keep Your Pet’s Bed Clean

Your pet spends quite a significant amount of time in his or her bed. Ensure that this bed is cleaned regularly and thoroughly. The best pet beds to be purchased are ones that can be taken apart and cleaned. Fleas infest more regularly during the summer and therefore ensure that you clean this bed at least once a week during the summer.

d) Bathe Your Pet

Most pets don’t like water, but bathing them is necessary for ensuring that they stay flea-free. Regularly use clean, warm water and soap to thoroughly clean your pet. The water will drown any fleas that may have already infested your pet, and by keeping his or her coat clean, bathing will prevent the flea infestation of your pet.

e) Give Your Pet a Healthy Diet

Ensure that your pet’s diet includes yeast and garlic, and it contains all the nutrients. The healthy diet works to increase the immune system of your pet while the yeast and garlic sour the flavor of your pet’ skin. Ensure that you get an appropriate diet from your veterinarian, who will come up with a diet based on your pet’s weight and breed.

f) Brush Your Pet’s Coat

Most pet owners brush their pet’s coat to improve its appearance. However, brushing your pet’s coat also serves to ensure the prevention of fleas. In case any eggs have been hatched within his or her coat, brushing it removes them. Also, any fleas that may have hatched can also be scratched off. Ensure that the brush you use is kind to your pet’s skin.

Pet’s health is very important, as it protects both the pet and the owner. A good and reliable veterinary service is important for your pet’s health, and for Miami residents, this can be found at Paws and Claws Medical Center.