Responsible Adoptions

Responsible Adoptions

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to adopt a dog to welcome into your family, nothing is quite as exciting as the search to find the one you want to live with. The search may be as simple as a trip to the local dog pound and immediately fall in love with an animal, but usually it takes a bit more effort. You may find a particular breed to be especially beautiful, but internet research shows it not to be compatible with your lifestyle. You might wind up going to several adoption fairs and agencies before finding a perfect fit. Take your time and enjoy the process as you get to meet a variety of puppies and dogs during your search until you find the one you want to live with for many happy years to come.

Avoid Puppy Mills

Puppy mills have become a problem in America as there are plenty of pets available without intentional or irresponsible breeding. Puppy mills are cheap for a reason. The owners either don’t know or don’t care about responsible breeding techniques. Assume the owners of most puppy mills do in fact love the dogs, but out of ignorance don’t understand the harm they cause by overbreeding. Other than an overpopulation which ends with stray dogs, the biggest problem with puppy mills are the health issues which is an expense you’re going to have to pay while watching your dog suffer over the years.

Health Issues from Breeding

Intentionally breeding dogs requires a special knowledge most people don’t have. The lineage needs to be traced and and mates have to be carefully chosen to eliminate rather than induce health problems. It can be argued that purebred AKC breeds have a place in this world, but the fact is there is little they can do that a mixed breed can’t, and in general terms mixed breeds nearly always turn out to be better house pets for people who don’t need a specialty working dog.

Local Humane Society

The local Humane Society is arguably the best place to find a pet as the dog is going to truly need a good home. Some people want a puppy, others may find it easier to adopt an adult dog who is already trained to some extent. The Humane Society will have both options and discuss your needs to help you decide which dog to adopt. A mix of professionals and volunteers will have become familiar with the behavior of each dog and be able to describe them in an attempt to find the best fit between pet and owner.

Responsible Adoption Agencies

Responsible adoption agencies are going to function much like the Humane Society. The pet will be spayed, neutered, and have all their vaccinations before being allowed to leave. The dogs will be rescued as strays or from inappropriate situations and need a loving owner and a good home.

When you’re ready to adopt a new pet, use the available resources. A great dog will be your friend and companion for a lifetime.

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