Don’t Skip Your New Rescue’s Wellness Check!


Efforts to make consumers aware of problems in the supply chain of puppy mills have led many would-be pet owners to seek pets through adoption. In some cases, these pets have had bad experiences with multiple previous owners and have at least one if not several behavioral problems. These dogs are called rescues. Literally, these dogs are being rescued because the only other option is euthanasia.

Rescues Need To Adjust To A New Flow

So if you’re considering a rescue please be aware that you will probably be bringing home an emotionally damaged animal. Re-socializing an animal is one of the most rewarding experiences of pet ownership (often you’ll be the first person who has tried to socialize your rescue).

When you take in a rescue you’ll usually be given a certificate for a free wellness check at a local veterinarian. Often, many owners skip this part of helping integrate your rescue into the flow of its new life. This wellness check is not something you should skip.

A wellness check helps catch problems that may have been missed through the basic triage care of shelters. A vet may notice problems with your new pet’s heart, other organs, and teeth. You’ll also be informed of any local problems like outbreaks of Lyme disease.

All pets tend to try to hide signs of illness. This is an instinctual response in dogs as sick dogs usually get kicked out of the pack. Not that you are about to do that to your pets, but your dog doesn’t know that. And a rescue is going to be much more determined to protect its status in your home and will most likely be very good at hiding any signs of illness. That’s another reason to have your new rescue checked out by a professional.

Wellness Checks Are Necessary For Travel

You’ll also have an opportunity to get your pet a wellness certificate to take with you if you’re going on vacation with your pet. Many state governments ask those traveling to or through the state with their pet to carry a certificate from their local vet. The document certifies that your pet has no signs of communicable diseases. Airlines also typically require the same certificate before allowing a pet to board. It’s also a good idea to have your rescue checked after a trip, to make sure it didn’t pick up anything on its journey.

Your free wellness check will also let you get to know your local vet. Pets often pick up on the natural stress we all feel when going to the doctor. A visit will help your pet and yourself feel more comfortable the doctor and staff.

So be sure to take advantage of a wellness check with the team at Paws & Claws, headed by Ramon de Armas, DVM. You’ll know more about your new friend and your new friend will begin feeling more comfortable in his or her new home.